Tips for Organizing Your Garage in 2018

It’s 2018. A brand-new year, and THIS is the year that you’ve finally decided to organize your garage as part of your goals for the year. It’s a great goal to have. One your significant other is probably thrilled you’ve taken on. But, it can appear a little overwhelming at first, right?

These ideas will help you get your garage organized and in tip-top shape for 2018 and beyond.

Create a Floor Plan
Before you begin moving things around, you need to have a vision for where you want them to go. It’s best to come up with a detailed floor plan of how you envision your garage looking when you’re finished. You may not be able to budget all the things you’d eventually like to do, but this gives you a working “blueprint” to follow as you move things around and make changes.

Get Creative With Your Storage Options
While the complete garage storage systems available are very nice to look at, there are inexpensive options for storing things in your garage – if you’re willing to get a little creative. Consider using inexpensive plastic planters for storing spray paints, nailing a pool noodle to the wall and slicing notches in it to store your fishing poles, and using paper towel holders or cheap curtain rods to store rolls of garbage bags. There are all kinds of inexpensive things you can use, probably some you already have in your home, to help you organize your garage.

Store Like Items Together
One of the keys to consider when organizing your garage is efficiency. You don’t want to spend all your time in the garage gathering supplies and putting them away. With that in mind, store like items together. For instance, keep all the things you’ll use to clean out your car in one location, painting supplies in one location, lawn and garden tools in one location, sporting equipment in one place, and woodworking tools in another location. This allows each area to act as its own work (or play) station in your garage.

Finally, use your space wisely to get the maximum value from it. One thing you’ll definitely want to include while organizing your garage is a garage exhaust fan. This will help to keep the area well ventilated, prevent moisture from building up and destroying your tools, and transform your garage into a more comfortable place to work during all seasons of 2018 and beyond.