Tips for Running Whole House Fans

A whole house fan is a fan that is installed in the attic of your home, which uses attic vents in order to circulate cool air throughout your home. It saves energy and money on your utility bill by not requiring the air conditioner to be turned up as high or be turned on as often, if at all. The whole house fan is operated during certain times of the day that increase the amount of clean, fresh air circulating in the home. Here are some tips we wanted to share for installing and running whole house fans.


It is recommended that you hire a professional to install the whole house fan as it takes a specialist to understand circuit wiring, take measurements, and ensure there is adequate ventilation in the attic. Knowing the type of whole house fan needed depends on the home’s size (number of square feet in the home) and how much power is needed. If you plan to install it yourself, do your research to be sure you understand the proper measurements and electrical side of installing the fan. The fan is installed in a hole in the ceiling exactly the size of the fan.

Ventilating the Attic

For a whole house fan to work properly, ventilating the attic is crucial. There may be a need for additional vents placed in the attic, aside from vents already existing. More vents in the attic help get the hot air outside the home and circulate cooler air throughout the home beneath the attic. Without enough ventilation, the fan is not going to work properly.

Ventilating the Home

Your home also needs to be ventilated when operating a whole house fan. When the whole house fan is operating, open windows in the house in order to prevent air suction in just one spot in the home. There can be a backdraft near the water heater or furnace if you fail to provide your home with enough ventilation. Just try to remember to open windows in every room of your home when the fan is being operated, and you will notice a considerable difference.

When to Turn On the Fan

The whole house fan should be turned on in the evening hours when temperatures outdoors are cooler, and when the air is dry and cool. Avoid turning on the fan during the day when temperatures are high, or when the air is humid, as it provides you with limited or no benefits in your home. If you simply want to keep the inside temperature the same as the outside temperature, you can turn on the fan during a hot day.

Whole house fans are now made to be quieter and more efficient, which help keep your home comfortable without being a disturbance. Contact us at Whole House Fan, your authorized QuietCool E-Commerce Dealer, for your whole house fans needs by calling 1.888-229-5757.