Tips to Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient

With more people focusing on energy efficiency for their entire homes, it makes sense that the garage is an area of concern as well. After all, it provides an exterior wall to your home in many cases, and can be a huge source of energy exiting your home if you aren’t careful.

These tips will help you create a far more energy efficient space for you whether you use it for storage, work, play, or parking cars out of the elements.

Insulate Garage Walls, Ceilings, and the Door Itself
Insulation is likely on every wall and ceiling inside your home. It makes sense to add insulation to your garage as well. This will help prevent the worst elements of weather from affecting your garage quite so profoundly. Insulating your garage door eliminates a huge amount of wasted energy and helps to keep your garage a more comfortable temperature (provided you keep the doors closed for the most part, of course) all year.

Seal Cracks in Your Garage Floor
Most garage floors are made of cement. This allows cracks to form in the floor as the weather fluctuates from hot to cold and the earth moves beneath the floor’s surface. Sealing these cracks prevents cold air from rushing into your garage making it colder than it needs to be when Old Man Winter rears his ugly head.

While you’re at it, be sure to caulk where the floor meets the walls to ensure air isn’t escaping or coming into the garage through this source and around windows and doors leading to the outside or into your home from the garage.

Incorporate Energy Efficient Garage Fans into Your Garage
The Garage Exhaust Fan, QuietCool GA ES-1500, for example, is a perfect choice for installing in your garage. Not only does it help cool your garage and attic at the same time, but it also does while only using 47 watts of power. It is the most energy efficient choice for a garage fan and can also help to ensure the air in your garage is something you’re willing to have your family breathe.

Consider Passive Solar Heating
If you live in an area where the winters are long, consider adding solar heating to your garage so you can keep it warm in the winter without raising your energy bills to do so.

Your garage is typically a space that is overlooked and neglected when it comes to energy efficiency. These small changes, though can make a notable difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of your garage throughout the year.