Tips to Reduce the Sun’s Heating of Your Home

Not many families like when the sun creeps into their home and heats up their indoor air temperature to the point where it becomes unbearable and uncomfortable. Not to mention, once this heat gets into your home, it stays there until nighttime which can take a long time to cool. The good news is there are ways you can cool your home from the hot rays of the sun by following some tips.

Protect Windows
A main point of entry of the sun into your home is your windows. Even though big, open windows are beautiful and give you outdoor scenery, they can also provide very little protection from the hot sun’s rays which will inevitably heat up your home.

You can protect this from happening by blocking out the sunlight with heavy curtains and drapes. You can also apply a treatment or install a UV film to your windows that will keep these rays from getting into your home. Other things you can do include installing overhangs and awnings over your windows on the outside of your home that will shade your windows to keep the sunlight from entering through your windows.

Reduce Humidity Sources
When you can reduce how much humidity gets inside your home, it reduces the amount of condensation on the coils of your AC unit and lower this heat source which ultimately saves you electricity. There are a number of ways to reduce humidity in your home which include:

Covering pots and pans while you cook.
Vent your clothing dryer outdoors.
Use bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans.
Use a ground-moisture, plastic barrier in crawl spaces to cover bare dirt.

These are just a few ways to eliminate humidity sources.

Use a Whole House Fan
Whole house fans exhaust the hotter air out of your home through your roof vents. If you decide to use a whole house fan, keep your windows open. Benefits of a whole house fan include:

High Energy Efficiency
Quick Operation
Quiet Operation
Easy Installation
Low Costs for Operating
Reduce your Need for Air Conditioning
Removes Stale Air

A whole house fan draws in the cooler air from outdoors to cool your home down effectively. When you run your fan, typically unless it’s in the middle of summer, there’s really no need to run your AC unit. In fact, it’s really not recommended that you even run your air conditioning unit when you have your whole house fan on since the AC unit’s cooler air will be let outside and the outside air will replace it.

Staying cool, especially in urban areas, can be harder than suburban and rural areas since the asphalt, concrete and steel you find in the city retain all the heat from the sun since the high concentration of buildings block out a lot of the cool breezes which help to cool down the area. By following the tips above, you can help reduce the sun’s heat and cool your home down better without having to run your air conditioning unit all day to do so.

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