Using Interior Shading to Maximize Home Cooling

During the summer, air conditioning can be blissful. However, when you run it nonstop, it’s not so blissful anymore when you get your utility bill. The good news is, by using curtains, blinds and other window treatments, you can lower your energy bills and still keep your home cool. Although exterior shading might be more effective than interior shading, it’s still worth it to block out the rays of the sun from streaming into your home.

Drapes and Curtains
The best form of interior shading is drapes. Try to get your drapes as close to your window or wall as you can. The tighter your curtains or drapes are to your window, the more you’ll prevent solar heat gain. Keep your curtains closed on summer days, especially on the side of your home where the sun streams in.

Venetian Blinds
While not as effective as curtain and drapes, venetian blinds still allow you to reflect the rays of the sun but still let in some air and light.

When you install window shades properly, they’re one of the most effective and simplest ways to save energy. But, to work you need to keep them drawn throughout the day. Try to mount them as close to the glass as you can inside the frame of the window which creates sealed space. Reversible shades that are dark on one side and white on the other allow you to switch them with the seasons. During the summer, you can switch them to their white side to reflect the sun and during the winter, the dark side will absorb it to create warmth.

Roller shades are another option to reflect the sun away from your house; however, you have to draw them fully. This restricts airflow and blocks the natural light.

Honeycomb and cellular fabric reduce solar gain and may even completely eliminate it in some instances. Skylight and window shades are available both in light filtering and blackout options. Neither attracts heat. On the inside, you can choose the color you want.

Blackout shades block incoming heat and light to your room

Light filtering fabrics are good if you’re looking to prevent UV damage and trim heat, but you still want to let some light in

Window Film

Window film keeps the summer hot air out by blocking radiant heat flow and makes the job of your AC unit easier. Window films are particularly beneficial when your home has inexpensive or older windows that don’t block out UV rays or heat very efficiently.

By utilizing exterior and interior shading and using your whole house fan to draw in cool air, you can help to maximize your home’s cooling.