What are the Benefits of a Solar Power Attic Fan?

Solar power attic fans use energy from sunlight to remove heat and moisture buildup in the attic. Unlike other attic fans, solar power attic fans won’t drive up your energy bill while running, saving you money while simultaneously protecting your roof and attic.

Below, we’ll dive into the benefits of a solar power attic fan.

Zero Operating Costs
After you purchase and install a solar power attic fan, you don’t have to worry about it using your home’s electricity and driving up your utility bills. Solar power attic fans run solely on solar power, so they won’t add any energy usage to your bill. In this way, they pay for themselves in the long run.

Furthermore, solar attic fans eliminate trapped heat in the attic, so when you run air conditioning in your home, your AC doesn’t have to work extra hard to overcome the heat leaking from the attic.

Reduce Maintenance Costs
Attic fans in general, including solar attic fans, protect your roof and attic from moisture buildup, rot, ice dams, and mold that can harm the structure of your home and lead to costly repairs. Therefore, installing a solar attic fan can help you keep your attic and roof in good condition and reduce future repairs due to high heat and moisture.

Easy to Install
Many attic fans require some structural changes and additional wiring for proper installation. This usually requires a professional to ensure that it’s done properly and safely. However, solar attic fans require no wiring or structural changes making them much easier to install.

Improves Comfort
A solar attic fan can reduce the temperature in the attic by up to 40° F. It accomplishes this by exhausting trapped hot air and moisture and increasing ventilation. This makes your attic significantly more comfortable and also reduces the temperature in the rooms directly below your attic.

Federal Solar Tax Credit
Solar PV systems installed between 2022 and 2032 are eligible for a 30% tax credit. Because solar attic fans use solar PV systems, they qualify for this tax credit. Tax credits subtract any income tax you might owe in a fiscal year, allowing you to decrease your taxes and save money.

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