What Are the Three Main Types of Attic Fans?

In the summertime, temperatures in the attic can become very hot, and quickly reach high temps of 150 degrees F. Attic fans can help ventilate your attic and eliminate the warm air. You'll decrease the heat that could damage your roof and attic fans will decrease the load on your central AC unit. Plus, your entire living space will be cooler by reduced attic heat penetration.

There are several types of attic fans. Below, you'll learn the three main types of attic fans.

1) Traditional Attic Fans
These are what most homeowners operate in their houses when it comes to an attic fan. They're very powerful and push a lot of air. They're reliable and come with only one speed and a thermostat. They can push air at up to 2,000 CFM. They're usually less costly and ideal for people looking for more affordable alternatives to running their air conditioner all day.

2) Solar Attic Fans
A solar attic fan is perfect for homeowners wanting to cool down their attic but don't want to use more electricity. This helps them save the most money on their monthly electricity bill.

Solar attic fans run exclusively on solar power and push air from the vents of the attic, throughout the attic's space and outdoors. Certain solar attic fans do come with an AC/DC inverter, allowing you to operate your solar attic fan during the day and night by automatically turning it from solar power to electricity. A solar attic fan is great for homeowners looking to stay green while they keep their home healthier and cool.

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3) Smart Attic Fans
A smart attic fan is the newest revolution in the industry of attic fans.

Smart attic fans feature built-in humidistats or thermostats that control the motor speed directly based on your attic's conditions. They self-adjust to the condition of your attic, and can maintain a year-round, optimum attic climate while reducing consumption of energy.

During the summertime, a smart attic fan prevents your attic from reaching super hot temperatures, which can be transferred to your living spaces below.

Smart attic fans usually feature a phone app that provides you with the ability of controlling all the attic fan's parameters from humidity settings to temperature settings. And, you're able to see your attic's current conditions.

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Installing Attic Fans
All three attic fan types have units you can have installed either through roof mounted application or on a gable.

Prior to installing an attic fan, you'll want to make sure you have the right roof venting. Typically, for each 300 sq. feet of attic space, you should have a minimum of one sq. ft. of attic vents. Most houses have the right roof vents, but it's always ideal to double-check your house before you install an attic fan.

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