What are Whole House Fans Vertical Adapters Used for?

Whole house fans are the perfect solution to the problem of cooling down your home without breaking the bank. They effectively draw trapped, hot air out of the home and replace it with cool air, all the while providing a breeze.

Moreover, whole house fans reduce indoor air pollution and humidity something that air conditioners just can’t do. Did we mention whole house fans are much less energy intensive than AC and save you money while reducing your carbon footprint?

OK, so you know why whole house fans are amazing. Maybe you already own one and have experienced the benefits of using a whole house fan first-hand. Or perhaps you’ve done your research or talked to a friend with a whole house fan and learned about just how great these household appliances are.

Either way, you may be browsing whole house fan accessories and wondering if you need any of them. For example, what’s a whole house fan vertical adapter and what is it used for?

What are Whole House Fan Vertical Adapters?
Whole house fan vertical adapters allow whole house fans to be vertically mounted on a wall. They’re pieces of metal that are fitted to your whole house fan model that can be applied to a wall in order to install the fan vertically.

What are Whole House Fan Vertical Adapters Used For?
Not everyone has a traditional attic space above their living area. However, many households that don’t have a traditional attic space have attic space behind their walls. Therefore, to install a whole house fan, it must be mounted on the wall, rather than the ceiling of the living space. To do this an adapter is required so that the whole house fan can be properly mounted on a wall.

Wholehousefan.com Adapters
At WholeHouseFan.com, we strive to educate and equip our customers with quality whole house fans that will improve their comfort in their homes while also saving them money. To this end, we offer a number of whole house fan adapters. Remember, that you need to purchase a specific adapter according to what whole house fan you purchase.

Our whole house fan adapters include:

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