What Customers Love About Their Whole House Fans

Whole house fans can reduce your entire home’s temperature immensely. But, the make and model of the fan has to be appropriate for your home’s size in order to be effective. You typically install the fan in the upper level of your home in the ceiling, which connects it to your attic. The success of the whole house fan’s operation depends on an air-tight installation, good ventilation, and central location.

Below are a few reasons why customers love these types of fans.

It Saves Them Money
Whole house fans save you money and improve your overall comfort. They will bring the temperature down to what the temperature outdoors is and can save you hundreds of dollars in the summertime. Home improvement experts tout that by installing an energy efficient whole house fan, you can reduce your energy costs by 80 percent.

This product comes highly recommended for those people who are looking to significantly decrease their electricity bill, since a whole house fan can run at one-tenth of the operating cost of air conditioning. With only a couple of summer uses, this fan literally pays for itself with the savings you see on your electricity bill.

If you are looking to cut down your air conditioning use in your home, this is the perfect solution. You will no longer have to suffer with summer heat and high electric bills.

It is Quiet and Efficient
Today’s whole house fan is not only incredibly efficient, but also unbelievably quiet. You can run it all night and stay comfortable and cool, even when you wake in the morning. Just switch the fan on and open few windows and watch the temperature fall in a few short minutes.

It exhausts the hot, stale indoor air through the soffits in your attic or through the windows. You are left with cool air circulation, which not only cools the air, but ventilates it as well.

It is Easy to Install
This fan is simple to install and doesn’t require a professional to come in and do it. You can easily install it yourself in less than a couple hours.

The whole house fan is a far better environmentally-friendly solution to cooling your home than those room AC units or a central air system. While using this fan, your entire home is cooled down effectively. You can run it morning, late afternoon, or night without the need of even turning your AC unit on.

In fact, you are really not supposed to turn your air conditioner on while you are using the whole house fan since you would only be letting out the AC’s cool air and replacing it with the outdoors air. The good news, however, is that when using this fan, you won’t miss your AC system since it keeps you comfortable and cool all by itself.