What Is A Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan is an inexpensive and energy-efficient method of cooling an entire house. A whole house fan is installed in the attic of the house. It works by drawing in cool, fresh outdoor air inside via open windows and screen doors. It then exhausts the hot air through the attic and outside.

By removing heat from your living area and attic, you will see a noticeable reduction in the temperature of your living space. A whole house fan is environmentally friendly. It saves energy, which is perfect for the environmentally-conscious home owner. More than that, it saves you quite a bit of money in comparison to running central air. Some estimates report that a whole house fan can be operated at a fraction of the cost (one-tenth) of central air.

A whole house fan is also simple to install and simple to operate. There are even models equipped with self-closing, insulated damper doors, which is an energy-efficient feature. Most new models of whole house fan are super quiet as compared to older models, which could be loud, as well as bulky and a major headache to install.

The ideal time to run a whole house fan is in the morning and evening, when the air outside is at its coolest. This will allow the cool air to come into your home, while forcing out your homes hot air. You will see a marked reduction in temperature. Operating the whole house fan in the evening prior to going to bed, allows you to have cool air in your bedroom, which is recommended by health experts. People who use a whole house fan in temperate climates report that they do not even have to use central air to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes. Even people who live in hot climates may find that they use a whole house fan as their primary cooling method and only use air conditioning on the hottest days. This can save the homeowners quite a bit of money. Additionally, if you are the type of person that enjoys fresh air and air circulation, then a whole house fan is the perfect device to achieve that result.

With energy costs rising and people feeling the need to be more environmentally conscious, more and more people are taking a second look at whole house fans and realizing their benefits. There’s a renewed interest in this whole house cooling method — and rightfully so.