What is the Best Garage Ventilation Solution?

Garages can serve as multi-purpose rooms you use for protecting your vehicles, storing gardening products, making car repairs and creating a workspace for your various small home projects. But, things like hazardous fumes can hinder these activities because they can accumulate in the space. This is where ventilation becomes a necessity. One of the best garage ventilation options is a garage exhaust fan. Here’s why.

  1. Ventilates and Draws Out VOC Gases and Odors
    A garage exhaust fan draws out VOC gases and odors that can build up in your garage. They pull the polluted air out and exhaust it outdoors, making the air in your garage fresher and healthier.

  1. Cools Down your Garage
    In the summertime, a garage can become hotter than the outdoor temperatures and when you add on the heat from your vehicle that you’ve just been driving in the hot sun, it can make your garage feel like an oven. The vehicle’s mechanical parts, even after being driven only 10 minutes, can become very hot and radiate heat for hours into your garage, even after you parked it. The heat not only sits in your garage, it can also seep into other areas of your home, particularly the rooms above your garage.

  1. Decreases Carbon Monoxide
    Ventilating your garage keeps fumes your vehicle releases while sitting in your garage from getting into your home. Carbon monoxide accumulation in your garage from a running car can be a real and fatal problem, particularly with hybrid cars since they don’t make any sound. Carbon monoxide accumulation in a low ventilated space can be deadly. The more you can ventilate your garage, the safer this area will be.

  1. Removes Condensation
    Another issue with garages is moisture. It can linger and eventually turn into mold and mildew, which can damage the contents and structure of your garage. But, the issue is often accelerated by airborne spores you track into your house from your garage. A garage exhaust fan pulls the moisture from your garage so mildew and mold don’t have the chance of becoming an issue for your garage or your home.

  1. Protects Contents in Garage
    Regardless of the contents, you store in your garage, they’re vulnerable to the potentially harsh whims of the temperature and weather in your garage. However, a garage exhaust fan could help keep them from spoiling, rusting and warping from the heat and moisture buildup in your garage.

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