What is the Breeze Effect Benefit of Whole House Fans?

Whole house fans are exactly what they sound like — big stationary fans that cool your whole house instead of just a small area, like a desk or floor fan does.

To put it simply, whenever the air outdoors is cooler than the air indoors, a whole house fan can draw in large volumes of cool air quickly inside your home, push your home's warm air up through your attic and vent it outdoors. This results in a more comfortable, cooler home.

 Whole house fans create a cooling indoor breeze. This indoor "breeze effect" provides you with numerous benefits, including:

    1. Faster Than AC 

You can continue using a whole house fan when it's your indoor air temperature is the same as the outdoors or warmer. And, you'll experience even more benefits of whole house fans than cooling.
For one, using it for several minutes before turning your AC unit on speeds up your traditional AC's cooling effect greatly. This is because it expels all the hot air from your home outdoors, which air conditioners can't do. Once you've expelled the warm interior air outdoors, you can then turn your air conditioning on and your home will cool down much faster.


  1. Evaporative Cooling
Along with helping your air conditioner, if your indoor air is warmer or the same temperature than the outdoors, you will still benefit from the whole house fan's "breeze effect." Imagine having a ceiling fan on your outdoor porches ceiling.
While it's job isn't to pull in cool air, you still feel cool due to the breeze it makes. This is referred to as evaporative cooling.

    3.  Draws Out Embedded Heat

With a whole house fan, the cool air it moves throughout your home, over time, will draw out the embedded heat from walls and furniture that absorbs heat all day long, keeping your home from becoming cool.

  1. Remove Pollutants

Along with the breeze effect, you also benefit from whole house fans by the way it eliminates pollutants from your house like cooking fumes, formaldehyde, radon gas and other chemicals. Homes today are designed to be energy efficient and air tight. The problem with this is it traps the harsh chemicals and bad fumes indoors. A whole house fan will force these irritants outdoors.

Now that you've seen some of the benefits of the breeze effect of whole house fans, don't you think you should invest in one and have it as another cooling solution in your home?

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