What Kind of Maintenance Does a Whole House Fan Require?

Many people are turning to whole house fans to save money on electricity and reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike air conditioning, whole house fans reduce indoor air temperatures and indoor air pollution through ventilation. Plus, they can be used as a supplement to air conditioners rather than a total replacement and are most effective during cool nights and mornings.

But when it comes to trying new things and investing money into a new household appliance, even if the appliance will save you money in the long run, it’s natural to feel a little hesitant. For example, you may be concerned about the actual operation and maintenance of your whole house fan. Do whole house fans require regular maintenance? What maintenance do they require? Below, we’ll answer these questions and everything you need to know about whole house fan maintenance.

Operating Your Whole House Fan
It’s important you understand how to run your whole house fan before you turn it on. Whole house fans exhaust indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. To do this effectively and without creating any problems, you need to open a door or window inside your home to allow the fan to ventilate the air.

If you want to ventilate or create a draft in a specific room, like your bedroom, make sure to only open the windows in that room. Opening several windows and doors in the home will result in a smaller draft, so try experimenting to see what suits you and your home best.

Cleaning Your Whole House Fan
Cleaning your whole house fan will ensure that it stays in good condition. Before cleaning, make sure the power supply is shut off so you don’t harm yourself while cleaning the fan. Next, clean dust off the blades and the motor.

You can use a non-abrasive and mild household cleaner to clean the dust off the blades and a damp rag to clean the motor. Finally, if you have a cover for your whole house fan, clean it to remove any remaining dust. Once you’re completely finished, you can restore power to the fan.

Besides cleaning your whole house fan as dust accumulates, there is very little maintenance, if any, required. However, whole house fans that have oil ports will need lubrication every few years, but other than that, whole house fans only require maintenance if there are any problems with operation. In this case, you could call a professional to check out the fan and perform any required repairs.

Keep in mind that quality whole house fans should run for years without any issues. So if you want to buy a whole house fan that’s energy-efficient, quiet, and built to last, browse WholeHouseFan.com products here.