What’s the Difference Between Whole-House Fans, Whole-House Comfort Ventilators, Whole-House Ventilation Systems?

Making informed decisions about home ventilation systems can make all the difference in the world when it comes to indoor air quality, respiratory health, comfort of your home, and the costs of keeping your home comfortable when the weather outside is anything but. With so many options, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Whole-House Fans
Whole house fans work by speeding up the process of cooling your home at night by eliminating, or expelling, the hot air from your attic giving cooler air more room inside your home. It costs considerably less than operating an air conditioning unit 24/7 and offers you the opportunity to improve the overall air quality in your home substantially by eliminating moisture, bacteria, allergens, and other toxins from the air along with the hotter air – all while drawing cooler, fresher air into the home from open windows on lower floors.

Whole-House Comfort Ventilators
The term whole-house comfort ventilator is essentially a whole house fan, by another name. Both work by drawing cooler air into the home through open windows while expelling hot air through attic vents. Neither operate in the capacity of an air conditioning system that cools the air, they only serve to use cooler air from outside the home to speed the process of making your home more comfortable without the higher operating costs of central air conditioning.

Whole-House Ventilation Systems
Unlike the previous two systems that do seek to make the air in your home a more comfortable temperature for the family, the whole-house ventilation system only seeks to move fresh air throughout the home at a low rate of flow. The purpose is to keep the air inside your home fresh for improved air quality rather than comfort. This system may be ideal for milder climates where air quality is a greater concern than the coolness of the air inside your home. It is especially useful if you live in a home with someone who suffers from certain respiratory conditions, allergies, or asthma.

The more you understand about each individual system, the more informed decision you can make when you are making this critical purchase for your home. The similar names can be confusing in their own rights, but understanding the differences between them can help you find the right system to meet your needs and the needs of your family – for the sake of your comfort and your health.

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