What to Know About Eco-Friendly Attic Fans

If you’ve owned an attic fan at some point, you know how great they are. Whether you’re moving to a new home or looking to upgrade, you may be considering an energy-saving or eco-friendly attic fan.

While attic fans are already relatively eco-friendly and can reduce your energy usage in the home, opting for an eco-friendly one can help you to save even more money on your energy bill all the while decreasing your home’s environmental impact… it’s a win-win!

But what actually is an eco-friendly attic fan? Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the awesome eco-friendly attic fans available!

What is an Eco-Friendly Attic Fan?
When people mention eco-friendly attic fans, they’re usually referring to solar attic fans. Unlike energy-saving whole house fans that may or may not rely on solar energy for power, these attic fans use solar panels to provide 100% of their power.

Types of Solar Attic Fans
There are two main types of attic fans, the first type is installed on the roof of your attic, and the second is for gable attic fans.

Roof Solar Attic Fan
Roof solar attic fans, like the 14” Solar Attic Fan 40 W Panel, are installed directly on the roof above the attic. This attic fan requires no wires and is easy to install. It switches to electricity automatically when the sun goes down and saves additional energy by switching on and off according to the attic temperature.

This highly effective eco-friendly attic fan can save you up to 30% on AC costs.

Gable Solar Attic Fan
Gable solar attic fans are another type of eco-friendly attic fans that are designed for attics that feature gables. Eco-friendly gable attic fans, like the Gable Attic Fan 14” with 40 Watt Solar Panel, feature a 40 Watt panel that can be easily installed on the roof. It connects to the gable attic fan that is designed to be installed on an existing gable vent.

Due to the high temperatures that an attic can reach this eco-friendly attic fan can also save you up to 30% on AC costs.

 Benefits of Solar Attic Fans 

  • Eco-friendly: These attic fans can significantly reduce your energy usage and thereby cut down on your carbon footprint.
  •  Budget-friendly: Not only are attic fans affordable, but they’ll save you money on your utilities over time. Plus, these attic fans require little to no maintenance.
  • Unburden your AC: Attic fans in general help to reduce energy usage by eliminating the need for your AC to combat high attic temperatures by working extra hard.
  • Increase your comfort: Keeping a cool attic makes for a cooler rest of the home, increasing your overall comfort.

With huge benefits and zero drawbacks, there’s nothing stopping you from getting an eco-friendly solar attic fan today.