Which is Better? A Whole House Fan or an Attic Fan?

Whether a whole house fan is better than an attic fan or the other way around depends on your personal needs and how you use it. They both offer substantial benefits to homeowners. So, instead of choosing one over the other, here you’ll learn the benefits and pros of each.

Attic Fans
You install an attic fan either through the roof or on a gable vent. They’re meant to ventilate and exhaust the inside attic air outdoors. Even if it’s hot outside, this movement of air can help tremendously to cool your attic. Attic ventilation is important since your attic can act just like an oven sitting on top of your house, continuously reheating your living space. The attic fan will help you feel more comfortable.

Attic Fan Benefits or Pros
Some benefits of installing an attic fan are:

Lessens heat in your home
Lowers the attic air heat
Effective in hot weather
Lengthens home components’ lifespan
Easy to install
Highly effective in the hottest time of day
Dehumidifies and prevents the formation of ice dams in winter

Whole House Fans
You also install whole house fans in the attic, but they’re not directly attached to the vent. Instead, they bring the fresh outdoor air into your home through open windows and blows this air into your attic.

Then, the air is pressurized and exhausted out the vents in your attic. Whole house fans are meant to cool down your home’s actual living space, not just your attic. Because of this, they’re meant to operate when the outdoor temperature is cooler than your home’s inside air.

Whole House Fan Benefits or Pros
Benefits of whole house fans include:

Can cool your entire home
Draws the cooler air in through your open windows
Energy efficient alternative to central air conditioning
Provides 30 to 60 air changes per hour
Increases your home’s resale value
Most effective in cooler times of day

Whole house and attic fans are both great systems to ventilate warm or hot air and it can be hard to figure out which one is better suited for you. Attic fans work well with AC units to lower their run time by decreasing your home’s temperature.

Whole house fans can get rid of the need for an AC unit in certain environments. If they don’t completely eliminate your need for an AC unit, you could always use your air conditioner when it’s hot outdoors during the day and then the fan when the outdoor temperature is cooler than the indoor temperature during the evening. Whole house fans and attic fans both work well for ventilating the home, but serve different purposes. But, you can always combine them to form the perfect union.

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