Whole House Fan Energy-Efficient: A Great Way to Achieve Energy Efficiency at Home

A whole house fan is an energy efficient cooling system that is similar to an attic fan, but better. It works as an exhaust system and a fan to bring down the temperature and make your home feel more comfortable. A whole house fan's energy efficient system can dramatically cut your electricity consumption, letting you save up to 90% annually. Here’s how it does that:

Hot air out, cool air in
Like an attic fan, a whole house fan is also typically installed in the attic, which is the hottest place in a house. The fan pulls the trapped heat out through the ridge or gable vents. This creates a negative space and causes the cool outdoor air to be drawn in through open windows. By sending hot air out and cool air in, the system is able to lower the temperature inside the home.

Cools home fast
You won't have to run your whole house fan energy efficient system throughout the day or for long hours. Just give it an hour to do its work and you will feel the change in temperature. In fact, whole-house fans from good brands can cool the entire house within minutes. They are so much faster than typical air conditioning units and attic fans. However, you should take note that the fan will only work with your windows open, and is best used when the outdoor air is cooler than indoor air.

The more energy you use, the bigger your carbon footprint is. Investing in a whole-house fan can definitely help you lessen your impact on the environment. Because a whole-house fan is typically run in the early mornings and at night and does not require a lot of energy, it is an eco-friendlier option than AC units!