Whole House Fans Accessories

Whole house fans can be a huge benefit for homeowners looking to clean the air inside their home and keep things cool without resorting to the high cost of air conditioning quite as often.

As money saving methods go, the whole house fan is a real hit. However, the right whole house fans accessories, like the one mentioned below, can help you stretch the money saving properties of whole house fans, while multiplying your enjoyment of your fan and improving the comfort level inside your home.

Electronic Auto-Shutoff Timers

This nifty device allows you to control your fan with an electronic timer that will turn itself on at the appointed hour. Timer settings include one, two, four, and eight hour intervals. This means you can set it in the morning and come home to a cool house in the evening. This particular device does require standard wiring.

Electric timers are superior to thermostats as they are set according to the time rather than the temperature. For instance, a fireplace could trigger the fan to come on in the winter.

Wireless Remote Control

For those who like the power of the universe and whole house fans at their fingertips, there’s no better accessory for your whole house fan than the wireless remote control. The control signal travels through walls, doors, and windows, and works at distances up to 60 feet.

It is preprogrammed and plug and go making installation fast and easy. It doesn’t get much more perfect than this when it comes to accessories for your whole house fan.

Winterizing Kit

While this isn’t a necessary tool for everyone, if you live in a cooler climate or you really hate any hint of cool in the air, this winterizing kit insert is a real hit. Install the insert during the colder months and remove it once the weather begins to warm up in order to use your fans.

It’s important to make sure the winterizing kit you purchase is a match for your whole house fan or you could find yourself shivering the winter away due to sizing incompatibilities.

Whether you’re worried about winter, which is most definitely coming (at least according to George R. R. Martin) or you’re trying to keep your cool throughout the day, the right whole house fan accessories can literally seal the deal for you. Choose wisely and rely on professional service and whole house fan installation to improve the benefits of your favorite whole house fan and accessories.