Whole House Fans Benefits Climates with Swings in Daytime and Nighttime Temperatures

If you, like many people, live in an area where the nights are often cooler than the days, it makes little sense to continue running your air conditioner throughout the night as the temperature drops outside. It wastes energy and causes unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioning unit(s). This is especially true since there is a better solution to will help circulate clean cool air throughout your home for less.

This solution comes in the form of a whole house fan and it offers far more benefits for your household than you may expect – especially when daytime temps are significantly higher than evening temps.

Rids Your Home of Super Heated Air
The daytime heat can do a real number on your home, trapping hot air in your attic well into the night. This super heated air forces your air conditioning units to work harder to cool the space in your home and can make your home feel warm, even after the outside temperatures have cooled considerably.

Using a whole house fan allows you to draw the cool air inside your home, through open lower floor windows, while expelling the hot air through vents in your attic so that the inside of your home is nice and comfortable all night long – without relying on your air conditioner.

Extends the Life of Your Roof
The super heated air that becomes trapped in your attic can be a destructive force for the life of your roof. Making the switch to a whole house fan at night, in areas where the sun is hot during the day, but temperatures drop rapidly at night, can help remove the destructive, stifling air from your attic, as well as any moisture that might otherwise become trapped there to breed mold and mildew that will destroy the structure of your home and the soundness of your roof.

Can Create a Current of Cool Air Flows Throughout Your Home
Rather than isolating the primary benefits to a few select rooms, you can use your whole house fan to create a current of cool, fresh air that flows freely through your home, cooling every room it reaches. This creates a far more comfortable living space for everyone.

When morning comes, simply close your windows and turn the fan off. This can often keep your home cool for a little longer in the morning before you’ll need to turn your air conditioner on as the heat of the day really begins to boil saving you money, increasing the life of your air conditioner, and preserving the structure of your roof. Everyone wins!

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