Whole House Fans Installation Tips

Once you’ve made the decision and purchased a whole house fan for your home, the next hurdle to overcome involves installation. Don’t dive right in.

Instead, take your time and follow these helpful tips instead. Doing that is ensures that your installation is properly performed to maximize the effectiveness, performance, life, and quiet of your fan. In return, you’ll receive longer-lasting enjoyment from the investment you’ve made in a whole house fan.

Choose Your Location Wisely
The first step when it comes to a successful whole house fan installation is to choose the fan’s location wisely. You need the fan to be in an area where you will enjoy the maximum benefit of its ability to circulate the air inside your home.

This means it needs to be located in an area that will not be closed off during the night as this is the time you’re most likely to operate your fan. Most fans come with a fairly long cords, often an eight foot cord. You need to make sure the location you choose allows you the option of tying into your existing attic wiring circuit so you can mount an electrical receptacle enabling you to plug in your fan nearby.

If you do not have the knowledge and experience to do this, or if your state, county, or city requires, you should consider hiring a licensed electrician for this part of the installation process.

Verify Inventory Parts and Accessories
Once you’ve scouted out the perfect location for the fan, the next step is to make sure you have all the parts and pieces that are supposed to come with the fan.

Missing even one component can ruin a day of work. Make sure all the parts are there. The good news is that most of the components are usually preassembled, including:

Fan motor system
Ventilator ceiling grill
Trace and cut installation template
Pre-installed eight-foot cord
Decorative finishing grill

Make Sure You Have Adequate Tools
Most jobs like this, come down to having the right knowledge and the right tools. Believe it or not, one of the most critical tools is a tape measure. The wise old saying is measure three times, cut once.

This is especially true when cutting the hole in the roof of your home for your whole house fan. You’ll also need a wide range of other tools, according to the specific fan you purchase.

Read the Manual
It may be tedious. It may go against everything you believe about construction in general. Regardless of that, you should read through the instructions – in their entirety – at least once before beginning. You do this critical step so that you don’t miss something important or show up without all the necessary tools to get the job done.

Enlist Help
Keep in mind that a licensed electrician, contractor, or even a friend or relative who is a handyman can install your whole house fan. If going with a professional installer, be sure to obtain a few quotes before choosing your installer.

When you put all these things together before you start the installation of your whole house fan, you’ll experience greater success with the installation.