Why a Whole House Fan in Nevada is Ideal

Nevada's climate is dry. In fact, it's considered one of the driest states in the United States. It only gets around 9.5 inches of rain each year and has a climate that is primarily semi-arid and arid with light rainfall, snow, and plenty of sunshine. Because of this, you may be wondering if a whole house fan will do the job right.

Actually, a whole house fan is perfect for Nevada's low moisture, dry climate. And since Nevada has cooler nights than it does days, you can use a whole house fan to pull in the cooler air at night to keep your home cooler during the day often without having to use your AC unit.

You see, whole house fans are really only used when there is cooler air outdoors than there is inside the home. People frequently use whole house fans to cool their homes in the evening when the air is cooler and then during the day, they keep their windows closed, stop the fan and enjoy the already cooled air in their home from the fan's work the prior evening.

Why a Whole House Fan?
An essential factor in comfort is low humidity levels. Most individuals are fairly comfortable in temperatures that range between 73 degrees to 78 degrees F if it's also a 50% or less humidity level. Once the humidity level goes 60% or higher, things begin feeling sticky and uncomfortable. This is where whole house fans come in very handy.

Since they draw in the fresh outside air of your house, but don't dehumidify your home, they work perfectly in climates where the levels of outdoor humidity are already fairly low, like Nevada's climate.

Benefits of a Whole House Fan in Nevada
There are benefits of using a whole house fan in desert climates like Nevada. A couple benefits you may experience are:

Give your Air Conditioner a Rest
Running your AC unit in a desert climate like Nevada during the summer months will definitely cost you. It can also place a lot of wear and tear on your AC system since it needs to keep up with the intense heat and sun.

However, if you run a whole house fan during the night and allow it to draw in the much cooler evening air through your open windows, once morning hits, you can simply close your windows, turn the fan off and keep your AC turned off for as long as possible. You can potentially stay cool for hours before you need to turn your AC on, if you use a whole house fan the night before.

Saves You Money
Since whole house fans are very efficient and cost a fraction of what it costs to run your AC all day, each hour you're using your fan, will spare you from having to run your AC unit, which can save you a significant amount of money in energy expenses.

Take the time to really consider this. If you were to step outdoors in the evening, you'd likely notice the outdoor air is much cooler than the air inside your home, even with your AC running. This is because the sun, cooking, hot showers and other things warm up the air in your home and become trapped during the day.

By opening up your windows and allowing your whole house fan to exhaust this warm air and draw in cooler outdoor air in the evening, it will help keep your home more comfortable without the need to run your AC unit all day.

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