Why a Whole House Fan in Southern California is Ideal

Whole house fans are most efficient at cooling houses in areas with cool nights and hot summer days. They work better in locations with lower humidity levels. For places like Southern California, whole house fans could eliminate air conditioner usage almost 50% of the time.

What is a Whole House Fan?
Whole house fans are a type of fan that usually vent into a home or building's attic and are made for circulating air in a building or home. You install it in your attic or roof. A whole house fan works by sucking in the cooler outdoor air into your home through your open windows while pushing out the warmer indoor air out through your attic. So, it cools your home by moving hot air out and moving cool air in.

What Climates are Best Suited for Whole House Fans?
A whole house fan is ideal in dry climates, like California. Low humidity levels is an important factor in comfort. Most people are relatively comfortable in temperatures ranging between 73 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit if the humidity level is 50% or less. If the levels of humidity go 60% or higher, that's when things start becoming uncomfortable. A whole house fan can help with this.

Because they work by drawing in the fresh outdoor air into your home without dehumidifying your house, they work great in climates with fairly low outdoor humidity levels, like California's climate.

Southern and coastal regions of California have what's considered a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and slightly rainy winters. Because the sea typically creates desirable statewide temperatures with cooler summers and warmer winters, most Southern California homeowners rely on their AC units as their main source of cooling.

But this is a costly mistake. By installing a whole house fan, you could save money on your energy bills since whole house fans don't use as much electricity as AC units do and they add value to your home.

What are the Benefits of a Whole House Fan in California?
There are several benefits of using a whole house fan if you live in Southern California.

  1. Greater Energy Efficiency

Since whole house fans use a whole lot less electricity than AC units do, they're helping to decrease the pollution and energy grid burden that would otherwise occur. When you think about how many homes are on the California coastline and how much energy they're each using each year that requires different types of fuels and creates large amounts of environmental harm, you'll see the benefit of using a whole house fan.

  1. Could Eliminate Your Need for Air Conditioning

Installing a whole house fan just might eliminate your need for installing an AC unit in your home. They effectively cool your home down but not at the huge expense like AC units do. You'll actually save money since you won't have to run your AC unit all the time.

  1. Keeps Your Living Environment Comfortable for Less

Operating a whole house fan not only costs less than running your AC unit, but it has a far lower effect on the planet. This allows you to feel good about how you're keeping your home comfortable and cool.

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