Why Attic Ventilation Matters

Proper attic ventilation isn’t reserved for people who live or frequent their finished attics. Good attic ventilation is essential for all households. The difference between a well-ventilated attic and a poorly-ventilated attic is the difference between thousands of dollars in future repairs, higher electricity bills, air pollution, and much more.

Attic ventilation saves you money and headaches. So spending a little time and money to ventilate your attic will ensure a safer, healthier, and better-maintained home in the future.

Below, we’ll go into more detail on why attic ventilation matters and what you avoid when you ventilate your attic.

Keeps Your Home Cooler and Lowers Utility Costs
During hot summers, keeping your home cool while trying to keep your electricity bill from climbing too high can be a challenge. On the one hand, you want to be comfortable, but you also don’t want to waste money and energy.

Good attic ventilation is necessary to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Because heat rises, hot air naturally accumulates in the attic of your home. As it gets hotter, the temperature in your attic can become unbearable, reaching temperatures much higher than the outdoors.

This heat will transfer to the floor of your attic and leach into the rest of your home – namely the upstairs rooms. When this happens your home heats up and your AC has to work extra hard to keep temperatures down.

Reduce Repairs and Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

Poor attic ventilation can wreak havoc on the walls, floors, and ceiling of your attic, along with your roof.  

  • Ice Dams: Ice dams can occur during winters when snow builds up on the roof and the warmer attic air melts it, creating pockets of water that refreeze overnight, damaging your roof.
  • Rot: Just as warm air can build up in your attic, so will moist air. The build-up of moist air will condense in your attic as temperatures drop at night, creating rot.
  • Mold: In addition, the accumulation of hot, moist air in your attic provides the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Improve Attic Ventilation with Attic Fans
The most effective way to increase ventilation in your attic is by installing an attic fan. Attic fans ensure that active attic ventilation when you need it. At wholehousefan.com we offer a variety of attic fans suitable for every attic and budget.

Whether you want a 14” Solar Attic Fan that can be installed on your roof or an Attic Gable Fan, we’ve got you covered.