Why Buy a Garage Exhaust Fan?

Whether or not you do much living in your garage, chances are you do a good bit of work in your garage. For this reason alone, it is worth investing in a garage exhaust fan. But, it’s important to remember there are other reasons, too, to make this important purchase. These are just a few of them that showcase why a garage exhaust fan, like the Quiet Cool GX ES-1100 wall mount garage exhaust fan, is a wise investment for your garage.

Ventilation and Fume Control
It is quite likely that the work you do in your garage presents some form of fumes. From the exhaust of vehicles parked in garages to paints, primers, insecticides, and other things stored and used inside your garage, the fumes can easily become overwhelming.

During summer months, when the temperatures soar, the fumes can become unbearable. It’s not all about the smell, though, you should also be concerned about health consequences to people who breathe in these chemicals on a regular basis.

Even worse, if you have an attached garage, these fumes can creep into your home, causing headaches, respiratory problems, and more.

Exhaust fans in the garage draw these fumes outside of the garage preventing them from causing problems in your garage and from finding their way inside your home.

Ventilation is not only important for the fumes you can small, but also in drawing out carbon monoxide, a particularly deadly gas that is commonly found in homes and garages. This particular gas is so important to eliminate because it is not only lethal to people and pets, but it is also odorless making it difficult to detect.

Temperature Control
People who live in warm clients know all too well how swelteringly hot garages become when the temperatures rise in the summertime. While garage exhaust fans will not prevent all heat from building up in the garage, it can help lower the temperature to more bearable levels.

More importantly, though, because it lowers the temperature in the garage, it helps to control and maintain the temperature inside your home if your home has an attached garage.

Moisture Control
Don’t overlook the importance of exhaust fans for venting moisture from your garage as well. Not only can it lead to mold and mildew, something no one wants to breathe in, but it can also cause your expensive tools to rust. Exhaust fans can help with this saving your health, your money, and the aggravation of making repairs and tool replacements.

With so many reasons to buy a garage exhaust fan, the big question is why on earth wouldn’t you buy one?

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