Why Fall is the Best Time to Install an Attic Fan

Most people think spring as it flows into summer is the best time of the year to install an attic fan. While it is great, it is far from the best time of year to make this investment in your home. Fall is actually a better idea, especially for homeowners worried about ice dams, moisture, and other problems that often arise as winter settles in. These are just a few reasons why fall is an outstanding season to install an attic fan in your home.

Less Competition for Busy Contractor’s Time
Because so many people install attic fans in the spring and into the summer, there is far less competition for contractor time during the fall months leading into winter. That means you can get appointments faster and may be able to get off-season discounts from some contractors.

Greater Flexibility When Scheduling Installation
Because you’re not trying to beat the heat of summer, you can work with contractors to find the installation time that works best for you. You don’t have to deal with things like limited availability for installations. Those interested in self-installations can also wait for ideal weather conditions to install attic fans as well, making it a much more pleasant proposition.

Reduce Condensation throughout the Winter
Winter months are notorious throughout much of the country for bringing moisture into the home. Whether it is the act of heating your home, cooking, or even running showers in the home, moisture enters the air and often doesn’t have a proper outlet in today’s energy-efficient homes.

Attic fans can help to reduce the moisture, especially in attic spaces, so you don’t discover unpleasant mold, mildew, and structural damage once spring has sprung. It also spares you the investment of time and money required to clean up the mess mold and mildew leave behind.

Reduce Attic Heat in the Winter
Attic heat in the winter can cause destructive ice dams to form. These ice dams are more than eyesores in winter weather. They create situations ripe for damage to the structure of your home. Keeping your attic cooler in the winter can help reduce the risks ice dam formations, protecting you from costly repairs inside and outside of your home.

In addition to the benefits listed above for installing an attic fan in your home, installing a whole house fan can help you not only cool your living spaces in the summer, but keep your stifling hot attic spaces cooler in summer, too. It’s not all about getting ready for winter, after all.

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