Why Indoor Air Quality is Important

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important
Because people spend so much time today cooped up in office buildings, homes, schools, etc. indoor air quality is becoming much more important than it has been, historically speaking. The quality of your indoor air is so important, that the EPA created a booklet about it.

The EPA booklet is an attempt to explain that the air inside buildings, including homes, is often more polluted than the air outside, even in areas where pollution is a problem. It also highlights things you can do to improve air quality inside your home, including getting rid of some of the major sources of indoor air pollution inside your home, such as:

Tobacco smoke

It even lists some of the common biological pollutants you may have in your home, such as poorly maintained air conditioning and heating units, moisture in your walls, carpets, furniture, etc., and household pets.

More importantly, the EPA booklet explores the negative health risks prolonged exposure to the various pollutants inside your home may cause. Some of them can be serious, even life threatening, such as carbon monoxide and second-hand smoke.

How Can You Address the Problem of Indoor Air Quality in Your Home?
There are actually quite a few things you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Chief among them is to find ways to get rid of the moisture inside your home without adding to other problems.

Dehumidifiers can address moisture problems in specific areas of your home. They must be properly maintained and thoroughly cleaned, though, to function properly. A better choice to consider is investing in a whole house fan. This not only forces the polluted, toxic, moist air out of your home through attic vents, it also draws fresh, clean, air from the outside into your home, exchanging the bad air for good air instead. There’s an added benefit of using a whole house fan as it can save you money on your air conditioning bill.

Other ideas to consider include getting rid of carpet in your home. While everyone can’t do that, it is a worthwhile consideration for those who can. If you’re concerned about warmth in cooler months, consider investing in radiant floor heating to keep your floors nice and warm year-round. Carpets harbor all kinds of toxins, odors, allergens, and more. Eliminating them from your home removes the exposure to these things your family faces daily.

Indoor air quality is something families today need to take seriously. These resources and actions can help provide key improvements for your indoor air quality.

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