Why the Autumn is a Great Time to Install an Attic Fan

Many people think that late spring is the best time of the year to install an attic fan in their home. While spring isn’t necessarily a bad time to install an attic fan, it’s far from the best time of the year to do so.

The most damage to your roof and attic actually happens during the colder winter months, so installing your attic fan during the fall is actually the best time. This will ensure you enjoy the winter without any damage being sustained to your roof and attic. There are several good reasons to install an attic fan in autumn, below we’ll get into what these are and why autumn is a great time to install an attic fan.

Prevent Ice Dams
If you live in an area that experiences cold winters, then chances are you’re running your heater throughout the winter. As heat rises, it gets trapped in the attic, causing ice dams.

Ice dams are the result of warm air from the attic warming pockets of snow on the roof that refreeze and cause serious problems like structural damage to your home.

Running an attic fan during the winter exhausts that trapped heat in your attic, keeping temperatures cooler in the attic and reducing the risk of ice dams on your roof. In the end, using an attic fan to prevent ice dams will save you money on repairs and the headaches that come with dealing with structural damage.

Eliminate Condensation
If your winters are cold and dry, you may not worry about condensation too much until you see the serious damage it can do to your home. Condensation is a major problem in the winter. We close up our doors and windows, trapping the air indoors, so condensation accrues from showering, cooking, heating, and just plain living.

Installing an attic fan in the fall will allow you to eliminate the buildup of condensation in the home, especially in the attic. This will prevent any mold or mildew growth or any structural damage that condensation can cause.

If you want to go a step further and eliminate condensation in the whole house, consider a whole house fan in addition to an attic fan.

Easier to Schedule Installation
Although fall is a great time to install an attic fan, late spring and early summer remains the most popular time to do so. Therefore, if you choose to install your attic fan in the autumn, you won’t have to compete for the contractor’s time, you’ll receive greater flexibility for scheduling, and you may even receive an off-season discount.

Whether you’re looking to install an attic fan or a whole house fan for your home, WholeHouseFan.com has all of the resources and products you need.