Will a Whole House Fan Make My Los Angeles Home More Comfortable?

Living in Los Angeles, you probably know it can get hot. One way to cool your house down is to invest in a whole house fan, which is inexpensive and simple to install. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy claims that in most climates, a whole house fan can even be a great alternative to your air conditioning unit for most of the year.

A whole house fan has some significant benefits for you as a Los Angeles homeowner, which is important to take into consideration as you make your decision about investing in a whole house fan.

Whole house fans draw the outdoor cool air inside your home through your open windows. It then exhausts the hot indoor air you have in your home outdoors through your attic. This results in improved evaporative cooling and lower temperatures inside your home. Just take a look at the energy efficiency gained by region.

Advantages of a Whole House Fan
There are a number of advantages of having this type of fan in your home.

Fast Operation
These types of fans work quicker than your AC unit for cooling down your home. It only takes a few minutes for you to begin feeling the cooling effect of these fans. Of course, the outdoor air needs to be cooler than your indoor air for it to work. The results are fresher, cooler air inside your home.

Energy Efficient
When you have a whole house fan, you don’t use your air conditioner as much and you don’t have to use your AC at all during milder weather. This is more efficient on your energy use and whole house fans are more eco-friendly than a central air conditioning system.

Remove Stale Air
State air is removed from your home by the fan which makes your indoor air much fresher. These fans help prevent and remove odors while ventilating your home thoroughly.

These days, whole house fans are engineered to be much quieter. In fact, they are quieter than your air conditioner or other types of fans.

Better for Your Home
Your entire home benefits from whole house fans since they refresh the air and fully ventilate all your rooms, including your attic. In turn, this prevents heat damage to your house, manages the temperature of your home more effectively and reduces the chances of mold.

Now, with that said, you should evaluate the disadvantages as well before making your decision. For instance, whole house fans are not as effective during certain types of climates. They work better when the outdoor temperatures are at least 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the indoor temperatures.

If you decide that you do want to invest in a whole house fan, it should be installed in your attic and therefore, you should make sure you have enough square feet of attic vent openings for exhausting the hotter air when you are running the fan. You will also want to call a Los Angeles professional to come over and evaluate your attic to make sure your attic meets the requirements of a whole house fan. Once installed, you can enjoy the savings and comfort the fan provides and know you can stay cool without affecting our environment.

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