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  • Whole House Fan Energy-Efficient: A Great Way to Achieve Energy Efficiency at Home

    A whole house fan is an energy efficient cooling system that is similar to an attic fan, but better. It works as an exhaust system and a fan to bring down the temperature and make your home feel more comfortable. A whole house fan's energy efficient system can dramatically cut your electricity consumption, letting you save up to 90% annually. Here’s how it does that:

  • Conserve Energy with the Whole House Fan Energy Savings

    Are the stories about whole house fan energy savings really true? Does it really consume less energy than an air conditioning unit?

  • What States Have the Driest Climate?

    The United States is the world's third or fourth biggest country (depending on how you calculate its total area), with around a 9,833,520 km2 area. Because of its size, the frequency and amount of precipitation substantially varies across the country.

    Here's a look at some states that have the driest climate.

  • 10 Simple Energy Saving Tips for Summer

    The warm (or hot) months of summer are ideal for spending time outdoors with your family.  But, the warm air will also mean your AC unit is working overtime to keep your home cool. And this can really jack up your monthly energy bill if you're not careful, especially during heat waves that much of the country is experiencing.

    Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to help reduce your energy usage.

  • Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance, Repairs, or Replaced

    Knowing whether your air conditioner requires repairs, maintenance, or a complete replacement can be tricky. Below will provide you the signs of each so you can make an informed decision.

  • Why Should You Use a Garage Exhaust Fan?

    Should you bother maintaining your garage even if you don’t use it much? Yes, absolutely! Keeping a garage clean and ventilated is important. Doing this can help you minimize the risk of any health hazards. Plus, cleaning can be a therapeutic experience. You can start by installing a garage exhaust fan to keep you comfortable as you mop the floor.
  • How to Install a Quiet Whole House Fan

    Does your home become too hot during the summer? A quiet whole house fan is the answer to all your problems! Your first thought might be to buy a brand-new air conditioner, but this cooling system is not the most energy-efficient option. Whole house fans are much better at providing ventilation, pulling in cool air from your open windows, and exhausting hot air through your attic.
  • 10 Reasons to Get a Solar Attic Fan

    Attic fans are essential for keeping moisture buildup from occurring in your home, but when you pair them with solar panels, they're even more useful. If your home has a solar attic fan, you'll save energy and money, decrease the potential of moisture issues and experience a whole list of other benefits, including those below.

  • 7 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer for Less

    When the outdoor temperatures rise, your AC unit will naturally have to work harder in order to keep your home comfortable and cool. But this doesn't mean you have to crank up your AC system and jack up your energy bill this summer. There are certain steps you can take to reduce your air conditioning use, decrease your energy bill and continue staying cool and comfortable.
  • 10 Ways to Block Sunlight Heat from Windows

    The heat energy of the sun can warm your house to uncomfortable levels, particularly in the summertime. Rather than having to use your air conditioner to try and tackle the unpleasant indoor temperatures, learn ways of blocking the sunlight heat from your windows. This will help you save on your energy bill each month, decrease the carbon footprint of your household significantly and provide you with all-year-round comfort. Here are 10 ways.

  • Smart Window Shades + a Whole House Fan - A Winning Combination

    Smart blinds are coverings for windows that include built-in motors allowing you to add remote capabilities for raising and lowering the blinds based on schedules. They're also referred to as smart shades, automatic blinds, or automated blinds. In certain cases, they come with built-in light sensors, enabling you to adjust them according to the exterior lighting.

    These days, there are various smart window treatments, most can be controlled through your choice of voice assistant like Google Assistant or Alexa. These devices are designed to manage the temperature of your home with ease by opening and closing the shades strategically at your desired times of the day. And if it becomes too cold or too hot, all it takes is giving it a short voice command and it will open or close the blinds.

    This effect is a better use of your AC and heating and it uses the sun to naturally heat and cool your home. Even better, when you pair smart blinds with a whole house fan — you have a great combination.

  • Why a Whole House Fan in Southern California is Ideal

    Whole house fans are most efficient at cooling houses in areas with cool nights and hot summer days. They work better in locations with lower humidity levels. For places like Southern California, whole house fans could eliminate air conditioner usage almost 50% of the time.