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  • Roof Mount Whole House Fan with Damper Box
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QuietCool whole house fans work by pulling cooler outdoor air into your home and replacing the warm stale air inside your home.  The warm air is drawn into your attic, where it exhausts out through your existing roof vents.  The benefits are quick, quiet, and efficient home cooling for your entire home.

A whole house fan operates at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning.  Many clients report reducing their reliance on air conditioning by anywhere from fifty to ninety percent.

QuietCool whole house fans are mounted away from the ceiling to reduce fan sound.  A unique insulated ducting material is used to reduce fan noise further.  The results, you can talk, watch tv and even sleep without disruption.  

A whole house fan will also significantly improve your indoor air quality.  By merely using a whole house fan, you'll be replacing stale indoor air with fresh cool clean outdoor air, vastly improving your home's indoor air quality.