Ceiling Mounted

These whole house fans mount on the ceiling of your home, between the attic and living space.

A fan is mounted in the ceiling of the home, between the attic and living space. Whenever outdoor air temperature is cooler than inside the home, windows are opened and the fan is turned on.

The Fan pulls cooler outdoor air into the home cooling the home. As the fan pushes air into the attic, the hot stale attic air is exhausted to the outside via existing roof and attic venting.

Traditional Ceiling Mounted Whole House Fans:

Traditional Whole House Fans  Move Massive Amounts Of Air.

Traditional Whole House FanIf Installing This Style Of Fan - Make Sure You Have The Proper Amount Of Roof/Attic Venting To Allow The Pressurized Air Out Of Your Home. Leaves A Large HOLE In Your Living Area During The Winter Months, Heat From Your Home Will Escape From The Living Area & Enter Your Attic. In Colder Climates, This Could Destroy You Home (Mold, Ice Dams, etc.). If Installing This Type Of Fan - It Is Suggested They Are Covered During Off-Season Use. Requires Maintenance These Style Of Fans Require Maintenance. Because Of Their Size, Roof Venting Requirements And Other Factors.  You Will Not Find This Style Of Fan Available For Sale Here.