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Ducted Whole House Fans

Ducted Whole House Fan

This In-Line Style Of Whole House Fan Is Remote Mounted Anywhere In The Attic. Flexible Ducting Is Run From The Grille To The Intake Ports Of The Fan. Since The Fan Motor Does Not Penetrate The Living Space – Sound Levels While The Fan Is On Is Greatly Reduced.

The Benefits To This Style Of Fan – Extremely Quiet Operation And Versatility. You Can Use This Fan In Bedrooms With The Doors Closed. This Particular Fan Can Be Configured To Duct Directly To The Outside Of The Home, Alleviating Roof Venting Requirements. In Colder Climates – If Not Ducting Directly Outside – The Use Of Optional Off-Season Grille Inserts Will Prevent The Flow Of Warm Air Into Your Attic.

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