Installing A Whole House Fan

Watch our video and find out how cool installing a whole house fan can be (no pun Whole House Fan Installation Is Fast and Easy.

Installing a whole house fan


Finally, a simple to install natural air cooling system that quickly and quietly draws fresh, cool air into your home while pushing hot air out. Our whole house fan solution improves the air quality in your home while saving you money.

In fact, homeowners who’ve installed our whole house fan system have reduced their energy bills between 50-90%!

High AC bills? Still using a noisy, traditional attic fan? Install a whole house fan and discover our “whisper quiet” difference.

Whole house fan installation really is fast and easy for any tradesperson, handyman or even a handy homeowner.

Unpacking the Components of your Whole House Fan System

Your compact whole house fan system will arrive with the following, mostly preassembled components:

1. A powerful fan motor system featuring a gravity inline damper to prevent energy loss and 18” flexible, “whisper quiet” acoustic ducting.
2. A ventilator ceiling grill (ceiling box) that can be installed in a ceiling or wall.
3. A trace-and-cut installation template.
4. An 8-hour digital timer and double stack switch for use with multiple fans.
5. An 8-foot preinstalled cord.
6. A horizontal or vertical mount decorative finishing grill.

Installing Your Whole House Fan

First, choose where you’d like to install your new whole house fan ventilator grill. Our ceiling grills (also known as a ceiling box) are designed to suit your needs and easily install in either a ceiling or a wall.
To install your whole house fan grill, no framing is required. Simply mark your ceiling or wall opening using the premade template and cut out the existing drywall using a drywall saw or similar device.

Once you’ve cut out your opening, you’ll be installing your whole house fan in your attic, and will hang the motor head and the acoustic insulated flexible ducting from the rafters. You’ll fasten the unit using metal straps preinstalled on the motor head for your convenience. By suspending the fan from the rafters, we reduce vibration and ensure your whole house fan is whisper quiet at all times.

Now that your whole house fan is installed in the attic, you’re ready to install your ceiling grill at your intake location. Simply pull the ceiling grill through the drywall opening, then place and fasten the decorative cover.

Lastly, you’re ready for wiring. Your whole house fan features an 8-foot preinstalled cord to make this final task plug-and-go easy. Just tie into an existing circuit in your attic, mount an electrical receptacle, and then plug in your new fan.

It really is that simple to install a whole house fan.

Using Your Whole House Fan

We recommend installing your whole house fan with a digital timer with 1, 2, 4 and 8-hour automatic, on/off control. Alternately, by pushing the timer’s hold feature, you can leave the unit running indefinitely and manually turn it off.

Made In The USA

Our whole house fans are made right here in the United States and include a 10-year warranty on all parts.

Who Installs The Whole House Fans We Sell?

Any handyman, electrician, contractor or DIY homeowner can quickly and easily install a whole house fan in your home, office or commercial space.

Looking for an installer? We can help! Call us direct at 1-661-775-5979

When Hiring An Installer, We Recommend:

1. Get at least 3 bids in writing for the work to be performed before you choose an installer.
2. Be sure your installer has the proper licenses (if required) and is fully insured with workers comp and liability insurance.
3. Get references of past work performed.
4. Make sure there are no complaints against the installer filed with your local consumer affairs office.