Can You Install a Whole-House Fan Yourself?

Whole house fans are a great option to cool down your home and attic without using as much electricity as your air conditioner. Plus, it helps to improve air quality within the home by removing trapped indoor air pollution.

One reason many people switch to whole house fans is that they save homeowners on their electric bill, especially during hot summers.

If you’re thinking about buying a whole house fan or just purchased one, you may be wondering if you can install it yourself. Doing so will save you money but is it worth it?

The simple answer is yes. makes installation easy. Ideally any do-it-yourselfer that can lift the weight of the fan can install our fans. If not, a handy man, licensed electrician, or contractor can install the fan.

How to Install a Whole House Fan
Before you start, make sure you have the following tools and materials: electric cable, sturdy wire, drywall saw, screwdriver, floor insulation.

1) .. Choose the Right Location
Select a spot on the ceiling of your main hallway directly below your attic. Make sure the spot is free from any light fixtures or other obstructions. Using a straightened coat hanger, or other device, pass a piece of wire through the ceiling and into the attic space above.

Go into the attic and find the wire. Will the whole house fan be in a good spot? Check the space for pipes, cables, and any other obstructions. Also, make sure there’s enough space to fit the fan itself.

Make a hole or other mark on the joist closest to the wire. Make sure you’ll be able to see it from the hallway when you look up at the ceiling from below.

2) Cut the Air Intake Hole
The holes in the ceiling of your hallway will help you make the air intake hole. Place the whole house fan cardboard cutout onto the ceiling and tape it. Then, using your saw, cut around the template.

3) Attach the Mounting Brackets
Attach the mounting brackets to the fan casing via the bolts included with the fan. Then, attach the mounting brackets and fan to the joist.

4) Wiring
Check the electrical codes in your area to make sure you are allowed to connect electrical fixtures to a circuit with a license.

Switch the power off. Connect the fan to the control panel or an existing circuit with some electrical wire.

5) Fan Installation
Secure the mounting brackets to the ceiling joist with bolts. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, attach the cardboard baffles. Place floor insulation around the baffles. Make sure the insulation doesn’t contact the fan itself.

Watch our video for more information on installing a whole house fan.