Features and Benefits of Garage Exhaust Fan

Installing a garage exhaust fan can make a big difference in enhancing airflow, making it a practical investment for your home. A poorly ventilated garage is not just uncomfortable; it could risk your health and safety when fumes and chemicals from your vehicle, machinery, and tools accumulate and seep inside the house. Moreover, heat buildup in an attached garage can increase temperatures throughout the home. 

However, you don’t have to make drastic changes by building more windows and openings. Garage exhaust fans can efficiently ventilate stuffy garages.

Features of garage exhaust fans

High-end garage exhaust fans will quietly cool and ventilate the interior of your garage and the attic space over it to effectively cool the space. They also ensure proper ventilation when your garage has gas-fired appliances. Here are some of the features that make them effective at cooling your garage:

  • Energy-efficient – The fan runs at 1452 CFM while using only 47 watts.
  • Integrated bear trap damper – The smart garage exhaust fanwill not get in the way of your ceiling firewall to keep your assets and family secure.
  • Wireless RF kit – A feature that lets you control the fan remotely.
  • Durable ECM motor – An electronically commutated AC/DC brushless motor for durability.

Benefits of using garage exhaust fans

Garage exhaust fans cool your garage throughout the year, especially in the summertime. They ensure proper ventilation to cool the space, so you can work and use your garage comfortably, even on a scorching day. Here are more perks you can expect:

Remove harmful toxins

Garages are not merely secure parking spots. They can become a home gym, a workshop, a man cave, or many other ways. The garage exhaust fan will ensure a cooler, more comfortable, and safer environment by pushing out heat, smoke, stale air, and harmful gasses. It draws out volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful odors that can build up and pollute your garage and home, leaving you with healthier, fresher, and lung-friendly air.

It keeps the rest of the house cool.

The garage exhaust fan can help maintain reasonable temperatures in the area to ensure a more comfortable home. It also cools the attic quietly.