Why Choose a Multi-Room Whole House Fan

The Superfan Multi-Room Whole House Fan is a leading choice in whole house ventilation and home cooling. Although it is manufactured in the US, it was engineered in Germany and is built to last with over 25 years of normal residential condition operation. It is designed to draw out the hot air in your home through your ducting and pull the cool air from the outdoors into various areas of your home. It is extremely quiet and operates efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of an AC unit. With the Superfan, you get simple installation set up, an on/off timer where you can set it and forget it and a remote control.

Reasons to Buy the Superfan

As if being able to eliminate the use of your air conditioner wasn’t enough, there are there are many reasons why you would want to buy the Superfan. Some of these reasons include:

  • Your home is cooled efficiently by a single fan (up to 4 rooms)
  • It is the only UL and HVI Certified ducted whole house fan you will find on the market
  • Its Lab Certified (1.9 Sones); whisper quiet
  • You can configure it to duct outside your home if you don’t have sufficient attic or roof venting

These are only a handful of reasons. There are plenty others.

Benefits of the Superfan

There is an array of benefits of the Superfan. Not only do you get whisper quiet operation, but you also get to cool down your home in an extremely cost-efficient way. Your utility bills will be reduced and in some cases, you can even stop using your AC altogether. It requires virtually no maintenance and is eco-friendly, which improves your home’s air quality. Users will appreciate the “set it and forget it” 8-hour on/off timer and the availability of a wireless remote control.

Even in moderate humidity, this whole house fan does a great job. You can install it yourself and the design and craftsmanship is of top quality. You can bring in cool, fresh summer air from the outdoors at night, which eliminates the need to run your air conditioner. It moves a lot of air at 2,500 cfm fan motor, and you can run it all night and have numerous rooms cooled down.

It comes with a 25+ year rating and has a German made fan motor. Close all your bedroom doors and your home is still cooled off efficiently. It comes with a three-year standard warranty and an off-season grill insert (optional) which helps to prevent your hot air from escaping during the winter time. Assemble this 3-piece design in mere minutes and begin cooling your home down immediately. You will be comfortable in no time.