What are Ducted Whole House Fans?

Whole house fans are a popular option for every type of homeowner. They efficiently pull air in through open windows and exhaust it through the attic and roof. Whole house fans can save energy and thereby reduce electric bills and homeowners’ carbon footprints, making them a great option for everyone. Additionally, they ventilate the home, which is great for not only cooling, but reducing indoor air pollution.

How Ducted Whole House Fans Work
Traditional whole house fans are installed on the attic floor and connected to the rest of the house via a vent. Unlike the traditional whole house fans, ducted fans are hung from the rafters in the attic. One side of the ducted whole house fan connects to a vent that pulls air from the rest of the home to the exhaust end of the ducted whole house fan that is attached to a vent to the outside.

Also unlike traditional whole house fans where the motor is next to the vent that is attached to the attic floor, the motor of the ducted whole house fan is placed at the exhaust end in the attic that is attached to the roof vent.

Benefits of Ducted Whole House Fans

  • Quiet: Because the mechanical vent of the ducted whole house fan is suspended in the attic rather than up against the ceiling of a home, ducted whole house fans are much quieter.
  • Versatile: Another benefit of ducted whole house fans is that they are more versatile because they aren’t fixed into the floor of the attic like other whole house fans. They can be used in bedrooms with closed doors, they can also be set up to vent directly to the outside of the home if you don’t have the right roof vents for traditional whole house fans.
  • Heat loss prevention: If you live in a colder climate and use a whole house fan, warm air from your home can escape into the attic through the vents, resulting in higher heating costs. Ducted whole house fans usually come with off-season grille inserts that prevent warm air from escaping into the attic.

Ducted Whole House Fan Options from wholehousefan.com

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