What are the Most Popular Selling Whole House Fans

Among the smartest investments you can make for your home is a whole house fan. It can minimize your need for air conditioning in moderate climates. It pulls air from different areas of your home through a powerful suction and replaces the hot indoor air with the cooler outdoor air, creating a cooling circulation. Below are 4 popular selling whole house fans.

1) Quiet Giant Whole House Fan QC CL-6400

This fan lets you cool your attic and home efficiently to the point where you don’t have to run your AC unit as much. This saves you money. It’s super quiet and easy to install. Other benefits include:

Super quiet
Simple to install
Cools your attic and home
Two speeds
Reduces your need for AC operation
Saves you money
R value at shut damper: 5
Comes with 60 day money back guarantee and a 10 year warranty
Remote control optional

QuietCool QC CL-4700 Whole House Fan

This fan while on high moves 4757 cubic feet of air each minute. It’s a quiet ducted whole house fan. Other benefits include:

Cools attic and home
Quiet operation
Simple to install
Minimizes AC usage and costs
R 5 insulated built in damper
Two speeds
Comes with 60 day money back guarantee and a 10 year warranty

QuietCool QC CL-2250 Whole House Fan

This fan, on high, moves 2285 cubic feet of air each minute and provides you with cool, superior airflow without air conditioning. It saves you money on your electric bill, is super quiet and easy to install. Other benefits include:

Pushes stale hot air outside and draws in fresh cool air.
Enhances your home’s air quality
Quiet operation
Easy to install and is compact
US manufactured
Comes with a decorative grill
Optional electronic timer (set and forget)
Comes with a 10 year warranty
Double stack switch (optional) for multiple fan use from a single area
US manufactured

Superfan Multi-Room Whole House Fan

This fan is very powerful but is still quiet. It’s designed to draw in cool outside air and push it into multiple locations in your home while pushing hot air out through the ducting. It’s easy and fast to install. Other benefits include:

Cool up to 4 rooms in your home
HVI Certified
UL Certified
Quiet operation
Saves you money
Lab Certified (1.9 Sones)
Maintenance free operation
“Green” product/Environmentally friendly
25+ rating with a German manufactured backward curved fan motor

Whole house fans are among the most ventilating and versatile cooling systems on the market these days. They ventilate, exhaust, cool, and are whisper quiet.